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With a full moon electrifying your first house of the self, you're understanding your identity on a deep and emotional level. How can you become more self-assured? The sun has slid into your sixth house of health and work, drawing your focus towards how diligent and productive you are in your overall life.

What responsibilities have you been neglecting? Can you work harder and more efficiently to achieve your goals? A full moon brings focus to your 12th house of spirituality, asking you for a moment of solitude and meditation. Your intuition contains heavy truth, so listen to its whispers. Your fifth house of fun and pleasure is golden from the sun's light, floating you with creative inspiration.

This is when you're meant to enjoy your life and get in touch with your inner child. Remember all the fun things that the world has to offer. With a full moon in your 11th house of community, you're receiving insight about causes you care about. You're also learning more about what you need from your social circles. The sun has entered your fourth house of home and family, launching you into a period of rejuvenation. Feel free to behave like a hermit and spend time working on your home life and nurturing relationships with those who matter most.

A full moon in your 10th house of career brings your attention to your overall goals in life, inspiring you to make it or break it. If your career is lacking something, now is not the time to ignore it. Your third house of communication is being galvanized by the sun, turning your brain on hyperdrive and showering you with ideas. This is a perfect time to revamp your daily schedule, cross items off your to-do list, and communicate more clearly.

A full moon in your ninth house of adventure will show you the big picture, something beyond what you've been worrying about. You'll see things from a different perspective. The sun has entered your second house of finance and stability, rearranging your focus towards more practical and literal matters. It symbolises his path or goal and it is a difficult task for the whole lifetime. The Sun captures the desire of a human being for self-expression and for using his or her inborn abilities. Date of Birth. Time local time. Birth city: Enter coordinates manually.

Aries Courage x Ruthlessness The ruler of Aries is the planet Mars, which symbolises energy, health, fighting spirit and leadership skills. People born under this sign are courageous and decisive in most situations in life. Taurus Patience x Stubbornness, Explosivity The sign of Taurus gives people who were born under it calm and patient nature, and a sense of appreciation for beautiful and pleasant things in life. People born under the sign of Taurus are often quite introverted and they like to keep their distance, even from their best friends.

Gemini Flexibility x Imbalance, Shallowness People born under the sign of Gemini are people of many talents and they are able to use their skills in both theory and practice. They are very intelligent and quick-witted people who are interested in everything that happen around them, and they can quickly adapt to any new situation. Cancer Sensitivity, Perceptiveness x Moodiness Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which gives people born under this sign great emotional sensitivity.

Things we may have previously neglected or disregarded need to be faced, managed, and handled responsibly. How can you make the best use of your time? How can you manage your day-to-day life, and your body, more effectively? These are questions that demand answers now. Spring cleaning is now in order! This is an excellent time for starting new regimens to better your health and well-being, such as regular exercise, more structured and productive use of your time, and so forth. Organizing your workspace is appropriate, and so is re-organizing your daily schedule.

In fact, you might be faced with life events that force you to restructure these things, or at least provide you with the motivation to get your act together. The sixth house is a house of service, and while the work we do may sometimes feel too routine or boring, it can also give us a strong feeling of purpose. We want to be needed, we want to help and support others, and to do our share.

In the end, you can, in fact, feel more joyful about the services you provide and the support you give, after taking a realistic look at these things and making the necessary adjustments. Saturn moving through your health sector might concern you. However, typically if health concerns manifest during this transit, they are manageable with some reorganization and structure. They signal the need for change in diet, routines, and habits. By the end of the transit, you will have learned, ideally, to be more productive and efficient, to live in a healthier manner, and to be considerably more focused.

Things built on weak foundations may crack under the pressure of these tests. Responsibilities in your daily life can weigh heavily — they appear magnified. Do be sure that you are tending to your responsibilities, and not letting them pile up. For those of you unhappy with your job or out of work, you are not likely to jump to grab just any position now. You are looking for something mature, long-term, and reflective of your values. Because you are more discriminating now, the pickings might seem to be slim.

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There can be confusion about where you are headed, ultimately, in your professional life. You understand and welcome the structuring energy of this transit on your daily routines.

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  • As the transit progresses, you will gain a stronger sense of what motivates you, and how to best express yourself creatively in more effective and perhaps practical ways. What makes you unique? How do you handle pride? What are your creative talents? These are issues you will face during the course of this transit. By the time Saturn enters the sixth house in , you should have a solid sense of what makes you different than others, and a realistic and concrete belief in your own creative talents.

    Many people go through a period of re-evaluation of their talents with this transit—how they may have wasted them to date, and how they can express themselves in a more practical, useful manner. Some of you might be turning your hobbies and pastimes into businesses or working more diligently and regularly on your creative pursuits.

    The fifth house where Saturn is now transiting in your solar chart is also associated with love and attention received from others, as well as romantic relationships or our more casual love affairs. Initially, you may feel unloved or question your lovability, and perhaps you may feel somewhat neglected or ignored.

    As you learn the lessons of this transit, you learn to love yourself and take pride in yourself in realistic, honest, and genuine ways. You will learn through the course of this transit to depend on yourself and to take pride in yourself for what you really are , not only how others see you. Romantic relationships might be tested during this time. You might feel overwhelming pressure coming from your casual love affairs, for example, or the flaws in an existing romance seem to be screaming out at you. For some of you, a romance might end. For others, a romantic relationship is strengthened after undergoing some tests and adjustments.

    What you want from a romance, as well as what you are realistically capable of giving back to a romantic relationship, will be clear towards the end of this transit. The fifth house also rules your children, and more specifically, your first child. Some of you might be welcoming a first child and dealing with the time constraints and increased responsibilities associated with this new set-up. Others might be encountering difficulties with discipline or increased demands from children.

    The need for more discipline and organization when it comes to managing children may be in order now. Commitment or re-commitment to time spent with and for children can be a theme if appropriate. For those of you who are single and looking, there can be some reluctance to enter into light-hearted romantic relationships. If you do, you do so cautiously, and you are attracted to more mature or stable people during this cycle.

    Because you are more discriminating now, the pickings might appear to be slim.

    Saturn in Capricorn Horoscopes for Every Star Sign

    Those of you who are dating might feel some loneliness, as it can be hard to find what you are looking for at this time. An existing romance may be tested but strong ones strengthen further. Keeping this aspect of your partnership alive requires work. You can be filled with desire, or circumstances create a need, for more structure in all of these areas of life, including children, romance, creativity, and recreation. This can be a truly wonderful time for feeling balanced and steady. Firming up areas of your life that have become wasteful can benefit you in many ways. The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was from Saturn does very well in Capricorn as it rules the sign.

    Daily horoscope for Monday December 17 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

    This can be a good time for realizing a dream or goal, particularly along creative lines. Interestingly, Saturn rules this sector of your solar chart so that you understand these themes and energy on a very basic level. It feels more comfortable to you in these areas of life. You may be more open to receiving grounded, practical advice, and benefit from humbly learning from others. At this time in your life, you know what your responsibilities are—and you meet them. During this cycle, you are working on solidifying your identity—exploring your roots where you came from —so that when Saturn begins its transit through your solar fifth house years down the road in , you will be ready to differentiate yourself from others and embark on some important work on your ego.

    For now, however, you face issues surrounding your attachments to the past as well as to your base of operations, home, and family. Sometimes this manifests as literal re-organization of your home. If moves are made, you might encounter some resistance in yourself to make that change. The desire may be to strengthen, build, or rebuild now. This is not a time when you feel particularly brave in the outer world.

    Capricorn Personality: December 22 - January 19

    However, reorganization in your home, and more importantly, in your soul, embodies the true nature of this transit. Limitations that came from early family conditioning are more recognizable. Responsibilities to family and to maintaining your home might increase, or more likely, you become more aware of them and how they affect your life. A feeling of being alone and unsupported in life may dominate the early stages of this transit.

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    There may be some delays and slowdowns experienced in the areas of health, mobility, and career. As Saturn progresses, however, a feeling of some kind of mastery will empower you. This is a strong period for re-organizing and restructuring your home life. This is the time to fix whatever it is that you have let slide in the past. Saturn performs very well in this sector of your chart because Capricorn is associated with your solar fourth house and is one of the signs that Saturn rules.

    You understand this energy implicitly, so this transit feels more natural to you than most. The last time Saturn transited here was from While Saturn is in Capricorn, the square transit will occur for both you and Aries. During this time, you may experience some form of disillusionment with regards to an important person in your life, with an authority figure, or regarding plans that are met with some form of resistance. Particularly for Libra Ascendants, this can be an important time for new career beginnings.

    You may be laying the groundwork and building a long-term project that eventually has much significance in your life. Think of this time as a period ideal for making repairs and renovations. Saturn in Capricorn moves Saturn into your solar third house, dear Scorpio. In this transit that lasts until , Saturn is overseeing and inspecting how you network with people around you and how you gain and disseminate information. This can be a time of pressure that centers around your skills set, mental output, and communication.

    You may feel pressure to produce ideas, as well as to make them work, but this can lead to much more efficient time management. A certain somberness in your outlook may be characteristic of this phase, and there can be times when you worry more than usual. It may seem like acquaintances and sometimes siblings are blocking your growth in some manner, and these relationships may be strained as a result.

    Others might find you a tad distant or simply not as available as you used to be. Some shyness or stiffness is possible in your daily interactions. You may feel an unusual pressure to structure your time and effort, and to cut out communication that seems unnecessary. As Saturn moves closer to your fourth house, there may be some vague feeling of urgency and worry, as if you sense some things in your life are closing, and they may very well be. By the end of the transit, however, you will have ideally gained a greater depth of understanding, having focused on information and communication that you really can use to feel more effective in the world.

    Positively, you are more able to come across as an authority in the work that you do, or in your communications. In fact, there are many positives that ultimately outweigh the downsides. This is a good time for organized learning in the form of taking courses and finding solid and useful ways to improve your skills. If you are involved in courses or other training programs, you might feel unsatisfied, and you might desire more depth or stimulation. There can be issues with mobility and transportation during this transit, and mechanical breakdowns can present challenges. Again, Saturn exposes areas of weakness and provides you with the tools to strengthen them.

    This is a time of increased practicality and esteem. You are more reliable than usual and you procrastinate less. Teaching can be in strong focus. There can be a greater love of the less glamorous aspects of your work, studies, and projects, and you are capable of tremendous effort to further your goals. During this cycle, Saturn is in one of the signs that it rules Capricorn and performs very well in this position. This gives more power to your communications sector — you are functioning in your own terms. You understand the need to structure and organize your daily affairs and communications implicitly.

    Strengthened relationships with authority figures or older people in your life may play a supportive role in your life now, largely due to your own humbler attitude. The work you do and the responsibilities you take on provide you with a solid sense of purpose. You look at yourself realistically and reasonably, and you are less vulnerable to self-delusion, which ultimately strengthens your confidence. Saturn offers us realism, and with his sextile to your Sun, you see yourself and your capabilities more clearly and realistically.

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    • Saturn leaving your sign does take some pressure off your life, dear Sagittarius. Saturn will not return to your sign for another years, in fact. This stage of your life, lasting until , is a practical one. Financial success may not be remarkable. It is generally steady, if slow to come by.

      This transit is sometimes associated with financial loss, but in truth, it is more about our perceptions—you are apt to review how effective you have been on a financial level to date and find some dissatisfaction with your progress. In fact, gains may be slow, but sudden reversals are not common with this transit. As with all Saturn transits, at the outset, you might reach out and look for validation from the outside world and from others, and find something lacking in so doing.

      You work on your effectiveness in the world, and see exactly what has been holding you back from achieving the results you want. The challenge here is to capture the newly found and defined self-confidence you gained from the first house transit, and now apply it in the real world. You are worth something, and you deserve compensation for what you do. While you may not feel it right away, you are working towards a more responsible attitude towards making a living, feeling secure, and feeling worthy. Use this transit for getting yourself onto solid financial ground.

      Make budgets, examine the ways you spend money, and eliminate wasteful practices and attitudes. You might find creative ways of making do with less. Look for overlapping or unnecessary expenses and other redundancies, and aim to rid yourself of material clutter. The second house rules income derived from your own efforts, and this excludes shared finances and financial support through debts and rebates.

      It also rules personal possessions, self-esteem, personal talents, and personal values. You may be necessarily more cautious about entering into heavy financial commitments during this period, and more cautious in general with spending. Worries can surface about your earning power, but as you progress, the ideal end result will be a stronger sense of what you are capable of earning, better spending and saving habits, and a more realistic budget.

      Saturn performs very well in Capricorn, and this should be a rewarding cycle for coming to a better position regarding the management of your material resources. You are exceptionally security-minded at this time and you can begin or step up savings plans. Any innate organizational and budgeting traits you possess are highlighted now. The last time this transit occurred was some time ago — from The first house rules our personal identity.

      During this transit, you concern yourself with how you come across to others on a personal level. Your physical body becomes a focus as well. It may be a time when you feel the weight of your age, or when you see your body quite clearly instead of seeing what you want to see. Your outlook on life changes as you adopt a more serious, mature, and responsible attitude. In the beginning stages of the transit, you may feel some lacking in self-confidence and possibly some frustration with yourself. You might reach out to others in an attempt to validate yourself, looking for ways to boost your confidence.

      When these attempts fail, you may feel temporarily let down and discouraged. This transit acts to transform your self-confidence in such a way that you question the source of your confidence to date, and discover a more solid base for pulling up inner strength and thus true confidence. Saturn here acts to rip away the superficial. Illusions about the self, the body, and personal abilities will no longer be entertained. You may no longer be comfortable with any superficial mannerisms that may have carried you to date.

      You might decide to slim down or simplify your approach to the world, and, for some, perhaps slim down your body as well! The end result is a newfound or redefined identity and a realistic understanding of yourself. In terms of career and projects, outward signs of progress may not be remarkable, yet the work that you do during this transit will lay a foundation for future success and progress. For example, you may be working on projects that yield little or nothing in terms of immediate financial gain that will, in fact, assist your career years down the road.

      Your level of maturity, realism, and responsibility comes up for inspection. The goals you have set for yourself, as well as your very character, are now re-evaluated for strength and purpose, and tested against reality. Saturn has a way of slowing down our life, as if it is forcing us to take a really good look at it. Because the Sun rules our vitality, you may feel that your energy is somewhat depleted.

      You begin to feel your age, and the pressures that may go along with it. You may feel alone and un-parented or unsupported. Your achievements to date become especially important to you, and you are extremely sensitive to whether or not you have been recognized on a professional level as well as on a personal level.

      Capricorn Daily Horoscope

      Whether your talents and abilities, and your unique individuality and character, are recognized by others becomes especially important to you. You might find yourself pulling away from others as you take the necessary time to re-evaluate your life. This process is necessary, as you are learning to see yourself more realistically—without rose-colored glasses—so that you can move forward with a stronger sense of purpose.

      Some commitments or plans might need to be let go. You are likely to feel some regrets for how you have lived your life to date, but once you honor those feelings which seems to be necessary in order to move forward , you are in a better position to make improvements. Others are seeing you as more responsible. Self-discipline comes more naturally as well. Instead, focus on making improvements and keep in mind the long-term. Short-sightedness now can get you into trouble.

      Impatience will not be rewarded. Think in terms of the long view. Saturn performs very well in Capricorn! The last time Saturn transited Capricorn was from Saturn moves into the sign just behind yours, dear Aquarius. This puts Saturn in the background of your solar chart. This transit can be very revealing — for some more challenging than others. This transit marks the end of a cycle, which can most certainly bring with it a fair measure of confusion and discontent, especially at the beginning of the period.

      However, this tends to dissipate as you go along. During this transit, you face your own demons—the vague yet haunting fears that undermine you. We all have skeletons in our closet. Is this process uncomfortable? For some of us, it can be. The twelfth house in some ways is a dumping ground for things we have left undone. Saturn transiting here wants us to sort through the junk and keep only those things that we truly need for future development.