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Choose the sensitive artist who brings out your protective side. This could be a love match for the ages. Are you already in a relationship? Your amour will perform a gesture on your behalf that is truly touching. Be receptive to a gift or favour that comes from the heart. Letting down your guard with your partner will pave the way for a closer, happier relationship.


The Full Moon on the 21st brings a shocking secret to light. It's important to be more discreet with people you don't know very well. If someone who has pretending to be your friend betrays you, stay calm. Treat this as a teaching moment. It may be necessary to apologise for some catty remarks you made about a neighbour or relative.

The New Moon on the 6th marks a happy time at home. A pregnancy or a birth could be announced. You might relocate to a beautiful place. It's even possible you'll sell or buy a piece of property; this deal will create both emotional and financial stability. If you've always wanted to adopt a more spiritual lifestyle, do so at the beginning of March.

Just because you were raised to value certain things does not mean you have to maintain these priorities. Create a lifestyle that makes you happy. The Full Moon on the 21st will mark some changes to your social circle.

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You're tired of dealing with someone who enjoys raining on your parade. Going your separate ways will make you breathe a sigh of relief. Don't feel guilty about this break. Pouring energy into this draining relationship has been too costly. Move on to greener pastures. Good news reaches your ears on the 6th.

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The New Moon has a powerful message for you. Be open to accepting signs from the spiritual realm. A strange coincidence, a chance encounter or a found object will affirm you are on the right path. Take comfort in the knowledge your kindness and generosity has been recognised. If you get a chance to study with someone you have always admired, take it.

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Sign up quickly, as spots will be filled faster than expected. On the 21st, the Full Moon will create some disappointment in the career arena. You may be blamed for something you didn't do. Alternatively, you may be taken to task for not assuming a false front.

You're not the type to pretend everything is coming up roses during a famine. Resist the temptation to quit your job before you have another firm offer. Protect your interests at all costs.

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On the 6th, the New Moon will attract a moneymaking opportunity. Getting paid to exercise your creative talent will be the answer to a prayer.

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If you're not happy with your current job, you could accept a position with a charitable, cultural or religious organisation. Not only will this work be profitable, but it will also be emotionally satisfying. Leaving the corporate world will be especially satisfying. The Full Moon on the 21st could create some legal trouble. A court decision could go against your interest, making you very upset. Instead of dwelling on your anger, find a healthy outlet for it.

How you deal with this setback will determine the opportunities ahead. If you accept defeat gracefully, you'll be able to move in to a more supportive environment. Defying authority will further compound your problems. The choice is yours.

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Resist the temptation to isolate yourself when sadness sets in. Friends can lift your spirits. The New Moon on the 6th invites you to dream big. Realising a cherished goal will make your soul sing. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Jennifer Bate. I wonder if you are the Astrologer who writes in the Sunday Ex I just wanted to point out that not all of the people who read your stuff are working Your weekly predictions are all work place orientated See More. This will allow you to land the creative assignments you enjoy.

Traveling for work will be both intellectually stimulating and spiritually rewarding. On the 28th, the New Moon could mark the beginning of a passionate romance. You'll be irresistibly drawn to someone who belongs to an unusual social circle. Although you'll have lots in common with the object of your affection, it will be difficult to fit in with their friends. Instead of ingratiating yourself to this social set, be true to yourself.

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