Horoscope 30 december

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People born on this date are devoted to the ideals of family life. They are often part of a large or extended family group, and they draw their ideas about family values and what a family should be from this experience. People born on this date make wonderful parents. They don't see themselves simply as authority figures but as guides and friends.

Dec. 30: Your daily horoscope

December 30 people are generally vibrant and stay healthy because they are happy. They know the value of a good attitude. They don't take successes any more seriously than failures. Because they have a healthy appetite for good things, they need to be involved in an exercise regimen and cut back on sweets and fatty foods. People born on this date have great leadership ability.

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They have entrepreneurial talents and may do well for themselves in their own business. Making money is high on their priority list, yet they aren't especially materialistic. They want to reap the rewards due them. December 30 individuals aren't known for taking risks, but they will walk on the wild side to experience something marvelous.

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They have a genius for balancing their personal and professional lives. This is important, because they aren't content to be unfulfilled in either. Jill M. Calm, concentrated, patient — not free from stubbornness and dogmatism.

Weekly Horoscope

They have a very characteristic love for impressive environments: nothing is great or splendid enough for them. Their nature is quite misanthropic, often isolated from people — but that unusual mind can get separated from everyday matters and ascend to philosophical heights. Quite indifferent towards life and self-satisfied. Still, their sense of happiness of life is not too significant.

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Their extraordinary abilities as a detective are also curious: nothing can hide from their critical and insightful mind. It should be added that the less developed types can very skillfully mislead others. They would like to achieve general respect and be admired, although they often do not realize it. They needlessly stay up all night, which weakens and harms their organism.

On the other hand, the solitary meditation they often indulge in have a positive influence on them and improve their mood. When fully developed — they show amazing tact, diplomatic skills, perseverance and mental depth.


And yet they can get indulged in bizarre fantasies concerning the most everyday and down-to-earth things — they spend a long time thinking. A woman born today is a good house-wife, practical and frugal.